Food For Thought

What is it costing you to remain where you are in your life and in your health?

Consider the cost of all of the following…

  • Time taken out of work and play for doctor’s visits, laboratory testing, and screening procedures, and in some cases unnecessary surgery.
  • Financial costs of co-pays, deductibles, and medications without improvement.
  • Biggest cost of all – the drain of your life force/energy, your vibrancy and vitality.

What does all that cost add up to per year? Depending on your current state of health and your health insurance can be anywhere between $5,000-$10,000

How much worse will it get in another 5,10,15 years?

Do you really want to wait to find out?

How much disease are you willing to accumulate?

How long will you subject your body (which is the temple, the home of your soul and spirit) before you realize you have to undo the damage before it’s too late?

Don’t know where to begin?  That’s what I am here for.  Let me help guide you and your body to a place where you can begin to trust yourself.  When your body speaks to you, you will be able to hear it and easily tend to your inner ecosystem, your inner garden.

All the headstands in the world will not be enough, if your gut is unhealthy…
  • Symptoms are the voice of your body. Instead of covering symptoms up with band aids (pills) you have to actually give your body what it needs, nurture the causes, not the effects.
  • Rather than looking to the outside for the answers, become an authority on what is going to work for your body, lifestyle and your health.  This is a learned skill.

Your whole experience of life can shift when you eat the right things for you.

  • Cravings subside, sleep is improved, energy is stable, reaching your natural weight balance, without struggle or restriction.
  • Headaches, congestion, digestive distresses, immune weakness, frequent colds – is a sign that something is not right.

Think about your health.  What are your goals?  Dream about your future.  Take a couple of minutes to visualize how much better your life can be if you could solve some of your health challenges.

What will life look like with your goals met?  What would it mean to you?  What is that worth?

Are you just starting out?  Need time to digest?  Not ready to dive in? – No problem.

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