Vitamins D3 K2 – 90 Vegetable Capsules


Vitamin D may promote calcium and phosphorus absorption, while Vitamin K plays an important role in bone formation and cardiovascular healthᶧ.

By combining the benefits of both vitamins, these vitamin D3 K2 capsules can help provide cardiovascular, joint, and immune supportᶧ


The synergistic effect of Vitamins D3 K2 may assist the proper absorption of calcium and its integration into bone mass.

Recent studies also indicate that Vitamin D may support the maintenance of normal glucose levels, in addition to promoting a healthy metabolism and immune system. It also may contribute to emotional well-being. Although our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D through sunlight exposure, proper supplementation can assist those who live and work indoors, or who live in northern climates.

Vitamin K, meanwhile, is critical in the formation of a strong bone matrix, as well as supporting proper calcium metabolism in vascular structures. Vitamin K2, specifically in this MK-7 subtype, is a readily active and biologically available form of Vitamin K.

Combining vitamin D3 with K2 is therefore an efficient way to obtain the benefits of both vitamin D and vitamin K. This makes Nutramedix’s vitamin D3 K2 combination an excellent immune, cardiovascular, joint and muscle support supplement.

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