Hi Raya, a special note to you regarding your smoothie class yesterday – you now have created a smoothie lover/maker. You made it so easy and fun. I have resisted using my Magic Bullet for whatever reason… so today I made the green monster smoothie and even timed myself so I couldn’t make up any stories about how much time it takes-20 min start to finish, including cleanup. [and that was my first time]  Delicious and nutritious! Thank you soooo much Raya, u rock girl!

Dawnie Morrison

I am hooked! Thank you, thank you for introducing me to your world of Smoothies! I never would have believed that a smoothie could be so healthy, delicious and filling at the same time… easy too! P.S. Soaked raw almonds are my new favorite snack!

Joyce Beach

I have made the shakes every day and WOW are they fantastic!Not only are they delicious, but I can’t believe how filling they are. They really seem to stabilize my blood sugar—I’m not looking for a piece of fruit at 10:00 a.m. like I normally am.

–Ruthie Berkery

Raya, I made the quinoa salad [from your cooking class]. It was a hit! Even my father in law who claims he doesn’t like kale liked it!

Sarah Dakin