Sometimes we get stuck in our routines, the kids, the jobs and we need a day like Valentine’s day to come along and kick us in the tush and say “hey, how about me over here? Remember me?  The one you fell in love with?”  Not sure why we have to wait for a special day, but whatever it takes to remind us, I guess.

The solution:

Think of what your honey likes and do that!  The more emotionally connected the two of you are, the better everything else will be.  The more pleasure you take in your life, the more attractive you’ll be to your partner.  So start enjoying yourself and find pleasure in your own life.  And encourage your partner to do the same or think of something fun for the two of you to do together.

So, you want your main squeeze to think you are pretty cool for thinking of something special, right?  Something for the two of you to connect on and to bond over?  If you can’t get your creative juices flowing on your own, I have two fun ideas for you.  There are few things in this world that top a good massage!  Learn how to give one and receive one in return. Playing yoga together is also a healthy fun way to bond. Check out details below for some offerings.
Read this for the scoop on dark chocolate – another healthy pleasure!

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