Magnesium Malate


Magnesium Malate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium – the daily essentials your body needs for energy and muscle support.ᶧ It contains di-magnesium malate, which is magnesium bound to malic acid.


Joint/Muscle Support, Relax/Sleep Support, Stamina & Energy Support, Vitamin/Mineral Support

Magnesium is one of the essential minerals your body needs, and it may support the utilization of essential nutrients throughout your body to support its daily functions.ᶧ

This unique formulation of Magnesium Malate contains magnesium that is bound to malic acid, and the two may work together to provide a boost of energy and other forms of broad support.

Additional information

Weight 4.1 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4.25 in