Your health is highly dependent on your nutrition AND what your body can do with what you are giving it. There is no need for you to suffer or struggle with many common health and digestive disorders when they can be eliminated from your life with some attention, effort and focus.

I support you to heal your digestive system through a multidisciplinary approach including real food functional nutrition, gut healing, yoga, massage, and lifestyle support. I offer individualized support sessions and group classes. I have been where you are, I know how awful it feels to be sick and have your dis-ease rob you of your energy and zest for life. Nutritional support and guidance for a healthier you is here!

Raya Wellness, Digestive Disorders, Indigestion, Reflux, Healthy Eating, Constipation

After working together – You may find yourself:

Understanding and enjoying your mood and emotions

More present and prepared for your life

Shopping smarter

Saving money on doctor’s visits, prescription medications, and food

Stronger immune system — Less illness = less time off from work and more play

Improved digestion, absorption, and elimination

More energy

Lighter in more ways than you thought could be possible

Individualized Coaching and Support for the Best Gut Health

Contact Me TODAY to set-up your Initial In-Depth Digestive Health Consultation. The investment in your health with the initial session is $235 for 1.5 hr. During this initial session, with an understanding of your wants, needs, and goals — together, we will create a customized plan for healing. You will leave with at least 3 recommendations of what to do to get started. Depending on the extent of your health goals, we will estimate the number of sessions you may need in the future. This number varies greatly from one person to the next and will depend in part on where you are in your journey thus far, how quickly your body is able to respond, and other variables. Offering functional nutrition, digestive, and wellness support in person in the Albany and Latham area, or via phone or video chat in North America.


1.5 Hour Inital Session
50–60 Minute Follow-up Session

Private 2 hour health food store tour


You get an education and a customized shopping experience, while I help you shop to restock your kitchen with clean living foods.



Pantry and Fridge Make-Over, Health Food Shopping Extravaganza/Tour, and Private Cooking (aka, the “Raya Raid”, as aptly named by one of my clients)

Ready, set, go! I meet you at your house with a morning juice and/or a super-food shake to energize you for a big day. We clean out/raid your pantry and fridge;  you get an education while you shop to restock your kitchen with clean living foods; we nourish with a delightful lunch.

We return to your home and I teach you the tools on how to make delicious and healthy meals happen quickly and easily. Together we cook up a storm! At the end of the evening, you should have breakfast prepped, a couple of lunches ready, and a couple of dinners all set (depending on your family size).

Two 30-minute follow up calls to check on your progress and to offer support are included.


Are you are ready to get started?
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Your Health and Wellness Awaits! See you soon.


Raya took a lot of time to understand and help us understand our son's GI issues. We had run out of options with traditional medicine, and were looking for any possible solution to help him feel better. Raya's dietary suggestions made sense, were easily implemented, and, best of all, worked well! Our son is feeling well, acting better, and has even begun to accept ownership of his new diet. As parents, we could not be happier to see him thriving and happy.
Sara Salitan-Thiell
Raya’s positive impact on our family’s health cannot be overstated. After more than a year of taking our infant on unsuccessful visits with pediatricians and a pediatric GI expert, we were lost. Then, thankfully thankfully we found Raya. She was able to quickly identify my daughter’s digestive issues and develop a plan for healing that has put my daughter on a solid path to wellness. Raya’s knowledge of the body and natural remedies is amazing and impressive. I particularly appreciate Raya's holistic approach, which in our case included dietary changes, nutritional supplements, massage and yoga. Raya has helped not only my daughter but also our entire family improve our overall health and we consult with her on all manner of health concerns. We cannot thank Raya enough for the way in which she has improved our well-being and our lives.
Christina LaVera
(Raya) inspires me to take better care of my health. I’m much more health conscious and I’ve become so much more aware of what I’m putting in my body. Especially with reading labels and ingredient lists of my food. What an eye opener! No more fat free, low fat, no fat for me! Since I’ve improved the quality of the food that I eat I now have reduced my inflammation dramatically.
Samantha Minghetti
Raya has been helping me for the past 10 years with her massage therapy and yoga. Since seeing Raya, I‘ve experienced none of the lower back pain that I’d had for 20 years. She has fixed things doctors could not. She’s been “keeping me in line”! Now, Raya is my health coach and she’s helping me eat, act and think more healthfully — creating new healthy habits. Thank you, Raya!!!
Mimsy Pye
My goals were (are) the typical ones – lose weight, lower cholesterol and just try to have a healthier life. Just in the first 2 months, I lost 4 pounds, my clothes are getting looser and my cholesterol went down 20 points. My new goal is turning her “lessons” into habits, which will then become simply the way things are — the healthier life that is everyone’s ultimate goal.
Beth Osborne
A few months ago, I had a hard time getting off the sofa – my hips would hurt, the tendons around my ankles hurt, I was slow to move, and I felt like I was not setting a good example for my daughter. In a mere two months of working with Raya, I have lost 6 lbs, my body has slimmed down, my pants are loose, my total cholesterol is down by 15 points! Joint pain is gone and I have enough energy to get up in the morning to exercise. I am now walking, hiking, jogging, and practicing yoga. No more gas, reflux, or heart palpitations! I know you will appreciate this picture. Thank you, Raya!
Tracey Encarnacion
I had this prescription for stuff that I would have to take forever…??? I had been struggling with little energy and did not digest well at all – with little appetite, and frequent episodes of acid reflux and migraine headaches. The energy is back full speed and all the digestive discomfort has vanished. The best buck I ever ever spent on health stuff.
Richard PerezDelmar
I can’t thank you enough for how good I feel in my gut… your suggestions have really helped me. I have even lost a couple of pounds. Raya, you are a very special and inspirational mentor to me.
Marylin Baish
I have battled with intestinal problems all my life. When IBS and a hospital stay for a severe colitis attack took over life. With Raya’s help, I have changed my diet. I found it really easy to break the bad habits. Good health is worth the effort. You don’t have to suffer with digestive problems when there are solutions to help. Body pain can be helped, too. Working with Raya has been wonderful! I am grateful for all she has taught me.
Pat AcamporaCommissioner, NYS Public Service Commission

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