Things I stock in my family’s medicine cabinet

Vitamin C

Phytonutrient-rich, anti-oxidant support, this vitamin helps to modulate the immune cells’ healthy inflammatory response by actively transporting vitamin C into cells during times of stress. As we get older, lower levels of vitamin C circulate within our immune cells. I’d take 1000 mg/ 3-4 times a day (if you start to have loose stool, that’s your sign to lower your dose). Otherwise, C is very safe. It is a water soluble vitamin, so it get excreted in the urine every couple of hours.

Vitamin D

Folks in the north, especially, have burned through most of their reserves from the winter.  Boost the D as it is a vital player in the immune system.  Research shows that our immune cells have vitamin D receptors. New studies say that vitamin D modulates the inflammatory response of an already healthy immune system during times of respiratory stress. Taking 5000 IUs daily is a good place to start.  Feeling sick already?  Consult with a practitioner about short-term higher dosages.  It would be wise to get your D levels checked so that your practitioner can make accurate dosage decisions based on what your body actually needs or doesn’t. Vitamin D also happens to also support bone health.


Over 70% of our immune system resides in or around the digestive tract. It is critical to maintain a diverse microbiome. Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) crowd out bacterial pathogens, support a healthy immune reaction of intestinal cells, and aid in the digestion of food. Eat fermented veggie foods, if you can tolerate them.  If not, take probiotic capsules or powder.  If you are sensitive person, there is a right kind of probiotic for you too.  Make a time to discuss this option, if you suspect you have histamine intolerance issues, or SIBO.  Generally speaking, the more biodiversity in your gut, the better your defense system will be.  Think of probiotics like guards around a glorious medieval castle, if they are gone – they are not defending anyone from what may be coming in from the outside.  Yikes!

Elderberry syrup

Yummy and both kids and adults generally love it.  Great flu support. Check out the studies on elderberry and flu here. Caution, if you have a compromised immune system or autoimmunity, it may upregulate an immune response, not always the desired result for those with autoimmunity. If you are young and healthy, this is a great option for flu support.


Our immune system need to be able to differentiate between what is part of the body’s healthy tissue and what is a menace. Immune cells need to communicate with one another in order for this to happen efficiently. Zinc is a necessary micronutrient for this type of signaling to occur between immune cells. If you like oysters or pumpkin seeds – you are probably rocking the zinc supplies in your body.  If you suspect that you may be a little low (there is a simple test you can do to help you figure this out).  I would add this to your repertoire if you start to get sick. Some zinc supplements on the market are made with zinc oxide or zinc carbonate. Watch out – they are not well absorbed.

Oregano Oil

The impressive phyto-compound in wild oregano is carvacrol, a strong, naturally occurring factor that supports immune health. Research shows that it destroys Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. Certainly a good guy to have on your side during biological warfare. This oil is on fire! Literally! It is a hot oil. For most folks, taking it in capsules might be easiest for convenience sake.  Never take it undiluted – it is too strong. Oregano is a potent antimicrobial agent.  I like taking it for short amounts of time.  1-2 weeks at most and then taking an equal amount of time for a break.  It is as strong as an antibiotic, so beware, it may kill some of the good guys too.  See the probiotic comment above and make sure to supplement.

Silver spray

Good good stuff!  Another broad spectrum debugging agent.  Wonderful and safe to use. Do NOT recommend ingesting colloidal silver (love to use it for external uses – net pot rinses, ear aches, pink eyes, boo-boos, etc). For internal use, elemental silver is my go-to.

Vitamin A

Another great immune support hero.  You can get it from organ meats, cod liver oil, rat fish oil, etc or you might like to supplement if you are getting sick.  This one is to be used with caution – it is possible to overdose as it is a fat soluble vitamin.  Straight up Vitamin A is NOT for pregnant or nursing mothers.  If taking it as a preventative measure, 5,000 IUs is fine.  Again, NOT intended for pregnant/nursing mothers.  Vitamin A, not beta-carotene.  Consult with a practitioner about short-term higher dosages.

This is not an exhaustive list, there are more immune system champion fighters! But I think I have covered some of the major players here.

If you’d like to stock your medicine cabinet in this way, I am happy to support you.  Reach out.  For younger humans or humans who are delicate, sensitive flowers (I am one myself), connect with me for more tailored support.  Stay relaxed and healthy humans!

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