How I Got Pink Eye Before Storm Sandy

Everyone knows I adore my children and I also Love it when they go back to school.  Hey, even mamas need a break!  As all parents know, back to school can be a challenging time, health-wise.  All of a sudden … Read More

I get asked this IMPORTANT question ALL THE TIME!

People with digestive health problems ask me, actually they don’t really ask me, they just tell me their story: “I had all these tests done and nothing is showing up.  I had the celiac sprue testing done and it was … Read More

A little old lady from Pasadena…

I am writing you from sunny Pasadena, California…  but I certainly am not an old lady and probably will never consider myself one…  well, maybe someday, but I don’t see that day coming for a long long time!  I am out here interning … Read More

My Los Angeles Juicing Confessions – Day 2

This juice fast was only supposed to be a one day experiment, because I wanted to try fun California food and new places to eat while I was on the West Coast. Moira talked me into keeping the juicing momentum going … Read More

My Los Angeles Juicing Confessions Day 1

The morning of March 5th, I woke up at 6:30 am (California time) feeling totally inspired after the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Conference.  I had heard from some of my nutrition rockstars – David Wolfe, Paul Pitchford, Geneen Roth, Julia … Read More

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

So there are mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Is it a commercial holiday? Yes.  I think so. But is it also a pattern interrupt? Yes, it is. As in “Hello, did you forget about your sweetie for an entire year?”  And I … Read More

Valentine’s Do Over? Go Dark! Chocolate‏

Sometimes we get stuck in our routines, the kids, the jobs and we need a day like Valentine’s day to come along and kick us in the tush and say “hey, how about me over here? Remember me?  The one … Read More

An ounce of prevention

Have you heard the old proverb by Benjamin Franklin: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Sounds good to me. I will take self care and preventative maintenance over pills and surgery whenever it is possible. That’s … Read More

Late Fall Yoga Schedule

Wow! Can you believe it? We just had our first snow! My children were so excited!  Some were so overjoyed with the arrival of our first snow – they cried!  Wow, those are some seriously strong snow-loving genes that my … Read More

Can You Smell the Soup?

Want an alternative to the allergies, excess mucus, and communicable viruses usually associated with the upcoming holiday season? Take these traditional insights to heart. Seasonal vata imbalance causes or aggravates many short-term illnesses. Literally translated as “wind,” the subtle energy Ayurvedic … Read More