Wow! Can you believe it? We just had our first snow!

My children were so excited!  Some were so overjoyed with the arrival of our first snow – they cried!  Wow, those are some seriously strong snow-loving genes that my husband has donated.

No matter how much some of us, natives to warmer climates, wish for just a little bit more sunshine – it’s inevitable, Fall is in full force and yesterday gave us a preview of Winter.

So, you know what that means – pull out your hats, mittens, and warming spices (turmeric, ginger, cayenne, chili, etc).  Make some hot soup and keep your metabolism going with some kind of physical activities that make you happy.  It will heat you up, literally, and get those happy hormones flowing.  For me, it is dancing!  Love to dance!  Just put on a good song at home and dance (no one is watching :) )!

And since we do live in the northeast, consider a little vitamin D supplement.  Those of you who know me – know that I am not a huge fan of pilll popping, even ones of the “healthier” kind.  However, a little Vit D supplementation in the northeast winters may go a long way.  Make sure it is in the form of D3, not D2.  Consume with a meal that has a little fat in it, since it is fat soluble, it will aid in the absorption.

And do I have to say it again?  Use your neti pot!

And get your gorgeous tush to a yoga class!  🙂

If you missed the Self Care Workshop this is what people are saying about it (as posted on facebook):”Fabulous workshop this morning! Great Sunday morning Yoga, valuable lessons in preventive care and a scrumptious lunch! , as always, you are my sunshine. Everybody needs to try one of your specialty classes, so worth the time and effort!”
– Mary Jane Lewis

“Agreed 100%”
– Claudia DeCastro

If you wanted to make this class, but missed it, let me know when you would like to see it offered again.

Late Fall Yoga Schedule:


12:10 – 12:50 pm (Lunch Express)  ($30)
6-week session  11/14 – 12/19

5:45 – 7:00 pm  (Classic Hatha)      ($70)
7-week session 11/7 – 12/19


4:45 – 6:00 pm (Classic Hatha)       ($60)
6-week session 11/16 – 12/21


7:00 – 8:00 am (Rise and Shine!)    ($50)
5 week session   11/11 -12/16

Drop-in $15.

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