So there are mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.
Is it a commercial holiday? Yes.  I think so.
But is it also a pattern interrupt? Yes, it is. As in “Hello, did you forget about your sweetie for an entire year?”  And I am not just talking about the one who sleeps next to you.
I am talking about YOU!  How do you love yourself?
I try to do a little something everyday for myself.  It can be small or it can be bigger, but a little self-love goes a long way in your happiness.
Read below for my personal top 9 Favorites of how I express love for myself.
How do you take care of/love yourself?
I would love to hear your thoughts about your favorite ways to tend to your body, heart, soul, and spirit.  I might learn something from you!

Top 9 Ways I express my love for myself:

    9. Movies.

    There is something about movies that transports me out of my own life for a brief while (not scary ones) and gives me distance from worries and problems.  With that distance sometimes, I can get some perspective and clarity.  Kind of like an entertainment meditation.

    8.  Swimming.

      I love to swim for a number of reasons – I never feel sweaty when I am working hard and it is good for me.  I am always happy with myself for working out, even if it is just for a little bit.

    7. Steaming.

    Kind of goes along with swimming.  I love going to the steam room after I swim.  Steam is detoxifying.  The ironic thing is I like sweating in there.  Also a great place to stretch so it’s like accomplishing two things in one.  Always makes me feel fantastic. I make sure I am well hydrated and listen to my body when it tells me that I have had enough.

    6. Nourishing Meals.

      I love myself when I eat a meal that works well for my body.  That is both nourishing, delicious, and fuels me for my life.

    5. Cleaning.

    I know this one seems a bit crazy, but there is something to be said for a space that has been decluttered and cleaned.  It’s like I can breathe easier in it.  Clean space, clean energy – good living and working space.  I don’t necessarily have the time to do it myself as often as I would like, so sometimes, it’s nice to recruit some help.  Now that’s loving!

    4. Yoga.

    I love going to a yoga class.  I love taking the time away to just have my mind get clear, my body moved and opened.  I am such a better person after yoga class.  I feel more like my authentic, higher self that I strive to be and I love myself as that person so much.

    3. Massage.

      Massage is so nourishing and loving, either receiving one or giving one to myself is definitely one of my favorite forms of self-love.

    2. Music.

    I love music.  Music can change my spirits so quickly or deepen an experience/emotion.  I love feeling that connection inside of myself.  That feels loving to me.

    1. Dancing.

    Dancing is a way I love myself from the inside out.  It is when I feel the most beautiful and expressive. To me – that is one of the ultimate forms of self-love.

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