chicken parts including chicken feet.
Apple cider vinegar (about 2 tablespoons per chicken, but I never measure)
Filtered water


Bay leaf
Whole peppercorns
Sea salt ( add at the end)
Goji berries


Soak all chicken parts fully covered in water and apple cider vinegar for a half hour.
Then bring water to a boil and immediately turn down heat to a slow bubble popping up every now and then heat.
Skim the white foam/scum off from the top of broth as it cooks (can skip this step, but will end up with cloudy stock – if you don’t mind, then you don’t mind)
When you have cleaned up all the foam, continue on the lowest setting with a small amount of bubbles still coming up to surface. Cover the pot with lid and continue to cook.
After cooking for an hour (if desired, meat can be pulled out of stock and pulled off of the bones and saved for chicken salad, etc. – I am lazy, I skip this part and just keep cooking).

Cook the bone broth for at least 12 hours, preferably overnight or 24hrs. Add onions and any other veggies after the step of pulling meat off the bones. If skipping that step, then can add it any time after you have cleaned up the foam off of the broth.

Once your broth has cooled, fish out with a mesh strainer or tongs as many bones, etc as possible. Then have another clean pot ready. Put a colander over it and strain out your broth. You can also line your colander with cheese cloth for an extra clear stock if you wish. Makes some more dishes and sometimes a mess. Be prepared for serious clean up.
Salt can be added after the straining out.

Refrigerate the broth. Once cooled the fat will be on top. It can be used for cooking and sautéing vegetables, etc. the fat also helps to preserve the precious liquid beneath for a little bit longer.
The broth, once cooled, should be gelatinous-like. That’s how you know you have made liquid gold! 🙂

Sip with great joy. Add sea salt or miso or throw some some veggies in for a quick soup. Use it as a base for any soup for extra richness and minerals.
Broth is a medicinal food for gut and immune healing.

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