Feeds 50 Kids and some teachers!

My son, for his 7th Birthday, had a request.  He wanted to have a “hot lunch”  at his school.  So, I obliged.  Our project was to make the meal gluten, dairy, meat, GMO, and soy free.  And kosher! We did it! With the help of another Mom, Michelle Gomez, and a friend, Onna Adams.  We conquered the kitchen in 3 hours (not counting clean-up).  We started with this salad and finished the meal with Sweet Potato Chili.


10 tomatoes, cubed
3 cucumbers, cut into half or quarter circles
4 cans of chickpeas (rinsed)
half a bunch of basil, finely minced
herbimare (original flavor – seasoned salt)
extra virgin olive oil


Combine everything and mix.  Season to taste.  Enjoy!

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