Ingredients for Homemade Hand Sanitizer


4 Tbsp Everclear 95% proof (or any rubbing alcohol that is 90%or higher proof)

1  1/2 Tbsp Aloe Vera gel

1 tsp Fractionated coconut oil (NOT the same as regular edible coconut oil)

up to 40 drops of essential oils (mix and match any of thes oil: tea tree, lavender, lemon, geranium, clove, lime, cinnamon, eucalyptus, thyme, orange, grapefruit, rosemary) (all of these are anti-viral – inhibit or stop development of virus)

I used 10 drops of tea tree, 15 drops of lavender, 15 drops of lemon

Equipment & Supplies:

Glass jar with tight lid

Glass or plastic bottle with a spray top

measuring spoons


Mix coconut, essential oils and alcohol together first in a jar. Then add the aloe vera, put the lid on and vigorously shake the contents. Now it’s ready to go into a jar with a spray top.


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