Did you know that our gut is the seat of our “second brain”? Did you know that your enteric nervous system (the one found in your gut) is actually made from the same embryonic material that your brain is? During fetal development – they start out as the same tissue – then one differentiates into your brain, the other into your gut! Really fascinating stuff! 

Did you know that a healthy gut produces neurotransmitters that are respnsible for your joy or depression, peace or anxiety, pleasure or pain. 95% of serotonin is produced in the gut! That’s right Also, dopamine, norepinephrine, and glutamate are made in the gut. Wow! A healthy gut mucosa and flora is the place to start as it produces so many of your nerotransmitters necessary for happiness.

Another way to access feeling grounded and accessing this gut knowing is by having a breathing or a yogic practice. Breathing is intimately connected to the state of your mind and therfore your gut and vice versa. The vagus nerve, cranial nerve X, is know as the wanderer. It literally is called that because it travels so far from our brain all the way to our gut. There is communication that happens between the brain and the gut, but also from the gut to the brain. The type of communication that occurs depends on the type and quantity of flora in the GI tract. The bacteria in your intestines will literally communicate and dictate what the brain in your head is to do. The gut will communicate information and messages via the vagus nerve up to the brain. Who is the boss now? 

How often do you listen to your gut instincts or your gut feelings about a person or a situation? 
I often struggle between listening to my “gut brain” and my “central nervous system brain”. 
I consult both brain centers, but then as much as possible I try to tune into my gut brain and go with that inner knowing. I also find when I practice yoga, I feel myself much more grounded and better able to listen and hear the intelligence of my gut. 

Who wants to get more grounded and access your gut intelligence better? 
I have many offerrings coming up to do just that. 
On the mat – practice yoga and breathing, etc. 
In the kitchen – add some probiotics and literally life and intelligence to your gut in a most delicious way. 

Check out the offerings for the Kitchen here

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