If so, perhaps it is time to make sure they are organic and do a liver cleanse!  🙂

According to Chinese 5 Element Theory – Spring is related to the Element – Wood.  The organ associated with Wood is the Liver. Liver is responsible for storing a lot of anger and resentment. Have you noticed yourself getting angry?  

I certainly have. It is a normal occurrence at this time of year.  Have you also noticed your allergy symptoms acting up?  That may also be a sign of liver congestion or energy stagnation in this organ.  So, to help the liver – you biggest cleanser and detoxifier, we can give it a little help.  It is amazingly easy to do with some simple foods in your kitchen.

Starting with lemons!

Lemons contain Vitamin C and limonene that help with liver detox.  Particularly, both the Vitamin C and limonene (a phytochemical found in the rind and the white fleshy parts of the lemon) aid in phase 1 of liver detox.  

This is a very important function!  It is also important to note that the metabolites from phase 1 can often be more toxic than the toxins that we started with, that is why it is so important to make sure you have the right components in place for phase 2 of liver detox as well as phase 1.  

Are you confused yet?  Don’t be.  My friend and colleague, Abigail Thurston and I will help break this all down into bite sized chews on Thursday May 30th at 8 pm. Hop on  this FREE call  to learn about Common Foods in Your Kitchen and How You Can use them to help your liver detoxify.  If you can’t make it live, don’t worry.  Just register for the call Here and we will send you the recording after the class for you to listen to!

What can you do at home now?

For now start drinking some water with lemon first thing in the morning.  Add lemon to your smoothies or juices.  Or make detox lemonade!

Do you love your liver?  I mean really?  Do you appreciate all that it does for you?  Filtering out toxins, hormone clean up, making bile and aiding in digestion of fat, old red blood cells clean up and repackaging, storing excess glucose in the form of glycogen, and more!

Did you know that your liver cleans out your blood after your digestive tract is done absorbing all the nutrients from the food before the rest of the body sees it?  Isn’t that cool?  Your liver is the body’s protector – a filter, cleaning anything out that might be problematic for your body’s organs.

Spring is a great time of year to cleanse your liver.  In fact – it is the perfect time of year to cleanse your liver.  Everything that supports liver cleansing is coming up in nature – even the dandelions and the nettles are a reminder that it is time to spring clean out your most important organ.

Start by getting you tush into a yoga class and request some twists to wring out that liver, get some toxins and stagnation out and fresh prana in there.

As I promised last week, Abigail Thurston and I are so excited to share with you – our pride and joy, the  Love Your Liver Cleanse . There is no need to be frightened because there will be 3 levels of participation (kind of like the levels in downhill skiing, green circles (easy), blue squares (intermediate), and black diamonds (expert)). 
There will be something for everyone, depending on your preferences, lifestyles, and comfort with cleansing, etc.

Hop on the FREE Pre-Cleanse kick-off  call on May 30th, Thursday at 8 pm to learn about the 7 Common Foods that are found in your kitchen to help you cleanse your liver. This is great motivation to clean up and feel lively if you have never done this before!  Join us HERE. We look forward to “seeing” you in class.

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